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Among his disciples were Gendun Lobzang (dge 'dun blo bzang, d.u.); Gendun Gyeltsen (dge 'dun rgyal mtshan, 1532-1605/7), who later served as the Twenty-eighth Ganden Tripa; Namkha Gyeltsen (nam mkha' rgyal mtshan, 1532-1592), Rinchen Zangpo (rin chen bzang po, d.u.), Delek Nyima (bde legs nyi ma, d.u.), Sherab Wangpo (shes rab dbang po, 1500-1586), and Jampa Tashi (byams pa bkra shis, d.u.). ...

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... The following year he went with companions to Lekdrub Dratsang (legs grub grwa tshang) in Nyangto (myang stod) to study under Jamyang Gendun Lobzang (jam dbyang dge 'dun blo bzang) a master teacher of Dharmakirti's Pramanavarttika ...

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