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Pema Karpo (padma dkar po, 1527-1592) offers a solution to the above problem in his Scholars' Feast, where he lists Niṣkalaṅka as a student of Abhayākaragupta, who himself was a student of Mahāvajrāsana.[21] Abhayākaragupta himself is credited with authoring over twenty texts included in the Tengyur, including a tantric Vajrāvali commented on by such later Tibetan scholars as Buton, Tsongkapa, and others.[22] ...

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At some point Zhonnu Pel went to India, where he became a student of both Tsami Lotsāwa Sanggye Drak (tsa mi lo tsA ba sangs rgyas grags, d.u.), a Tangut lama who held the abbacy of Vajrāsana and Nālandā, and also with Abhayākara (c.1104-c.1125) ...

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