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Among his numerous disciples, the most prominent were the Twenty-second Zhalu Khenchen, Rinchen Sonam Chokdrub (rin chen bsod nams mchog grub, 1602-1681); the Twentieth Ngor Khenchen, Sonam Gyatso (ngor mkhan chen 20 bsod nams rgya mtsho, 1617-1667); the Twenty-first Ngor Khenchen, Lhundrub Pelden (ngor mkhan chen 21 lhun 'grub dpal ldan, 1624-1697); the Twenty-third Ngor Khenchen, Namkha Pelzang (ngor mkhan chen 23 nam mkha' dpal bzang, 1611-1672); the Twenty-fifth Ngor Khenchen, Sanggye Puntsok (ngor mkhan chen 25 sangs rgyas phun tshogs, 1649-1705); and the Twenty-sixth Ngor Khenchen, Sanggye Tendzin (ngor mkhan chen 26 sangs rgyas bstan 'dzin, P1667-1693). ...

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Among his disciples were Tutob Wangchuk (mthu stobs dbang phyug, d.u.); the Eighteenth Ngor Khenchen, Sherab Jungne (ngor mkhan chen 18 shes rab 'byung gnas, 1596-1653), the Twenty-second Ngor Khenchen, Pelchok Gyeltsen (ngor mkhan chen 22 dpal mchog rgyal mtshan, d.u.); Gonpo Sonam Chokden (mgon po bsod nams mchog ldan, 1603-1659); and Rinchen Sonam Chokdrub (rin chen bsod nams mchog 'grub, 1602-1681), the twenty-second abbot of Zhalu ...

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... 1695), Zhalu Khenchen Rinchen Sonam Chokdrub (zhwa lu mkhan chen rin chen bsod nams mchog grub, 1602-1681), Tartse Khenchen Sherab Gyatso (thar rtse mkhan chen shes rab rgya mtsho, d ...

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