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... He also dreamt of making offerings to a certain Virūpa mural at Ngor Ewam; the Virūpa became real and said to him, “My dharma will not stay long in Tibet.” He also had many dreams of the five founders of Sakya and of Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo ...

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... Tāranātha mentions Lakṣmīṃkarā as the guru of Virupa, who is thought to have lived around the ninth century.[2] Alternatively, according to the fifteenth century Blue Annals by Go Lotsāwa Zhonnu Pel ('go lo tsA ba gzhon nu dpal, 1392–1481), Gelongma Pelmo transmitted the Cycle of the Great Compassionate One, Mahākaruṇika, to Srībhādra (dpal gyi bzang po) whose life dates are unknown ...

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... His older brother was Zhangton Chobar (zhang ston chos bar, 1053-1135), a master in the Lamdre (lam 'bras) tradition of the Sakya school that is based on the esoteric instructions of the Indian master Virūpa (birwa pa, c ...

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