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... The list includes Vinayacandra, Buddhākaravarman, Dulopa, Vajrapāṇi, Śraddhākarabhadra, Kanakaśrī, Munīndrabhadra, Abhiyuktaka Taraśrīmitra, Śāntibhadra, Suvajra, and Kṛṣṇa. ...

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... An alternative proposed dating of (1238-1274)1 can be discarded given that such a time frame would preclude his collaboration with Vajrapāṇi, the famed eleventh-century purveyor of Mahāmudrā and student of Maitrīpa ...

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Tsurton, by the name Wangnge, is credited with participation in the translation of at least one text, a Vajravārāhī-sādhana (D 1542) by Maitripa (P44).4 The Indian paṇḍit on the translation was Vajrapāṇi, who also translated with another member of the Tsur clan, Yeshe Jungne (mtshur ston ye shes byung nas), and for this reason the attribution has to be considered uncertain ...

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