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In addition to Khandro Tāre Lhamo and the Second Pelyul Choktrul mentioned above, Apang Terton's other important disciples included a monk named Jangchub Dorje who was his treasure custodian (gter bdag);[61] Tangtrul Jigme Yeshe Tendzin Gyatso (thang sprul 'jigs med bstan 'dzin rgya mtsho); Zhuchen/Zhichen[62] Tulku Kunzang Tenpai Nyima (zhi/zhu chen sprul sku kun bzang bstan pa'i nyi ma); Lamkor Lama Sangye Gyatso (lam skor bla ma sangs rgyas rgya mtsho);[63] the Fourth Katok Chaktsa, Pema Trinle (kaH thog phyag tsha padma 'phrin las); the Third Dodrubchen, Jigme Tenpai Nyima (rdo grub chen 03 'jigs med bstan pa'i nyi ma, 1865–1926); both men who were identified as the Fourth Dodrubchen—Tubten Trinle Pelbar ('jigs med phrin las dpal 'bar, 1927–2022) and Rigdzin Tenpai Gyeltsen (rig 'dzin bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan, 1904–1961); Dzongter Kunzang Nyima (rdzong gter kun bzang nyi ma, 1904–1958), who was the grandson of Dudjom Lingpa; Yakshul Lama (yag shul bla ma); Gezhab Tulku Tsangyang Lodro (gad zhabs sprul sku tshangs dbyangs blo gros, 1908–1959), and many others.[64] ...

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At the age of sixty-five he received several empowerment and transmissions from the Fourth Dodrubchen, Rigdzin Tenpai Gyeltsen (rdo grub chen 04 rig 'dzin bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan 1927–1961) ...

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... Similarly, he had a huge following of disciples including lamas and physicians in Amdo and Kham in the twentieth century, including Rigzin Jalu Dorje (rig 'dzin 'ja' lus rdo rje, 1927–1961), one of two men to be recognized as the Fourth Dodrubchen. ...

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