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... In time he became known as one of Patrul's four great dharma-heirs, each of whom excelled their teacher in a different way: Tendzin Drakpa (bstan 'dzin grags pa, d.u.) in logic and epistemology (tshad ma); Nyoshul Lungtok in view (lta ba); Orgyen Tendzin Norbu (o rgyan bstan 'dzin nor bu, 1841–1900) in exposition (bshad pa); and Kunzang Sonam in conduct (spyod pa) ...

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... Some of his primary disciples were: Nyoshul Lungtok Tenpai Nyima, Gemang Won Rinpoche, Gyelrong Tendzin Drakpa (rgyal rong bstan 'dzin grags pa), and Minyak Kunzang Sonam (mi nyag kun bzang bsod nams, 1823-1905) ...

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He began to study the rituals and texts of the Jangter tradition when he was around ten years old, primarily under a former abbot of Dorje Drak named Jigme Gyelwai Nyugu ('jigs med rgyal ba'i myu gu, d.u.) and Yongdzin Kelzang Tsultrim (yongs 'dzin skal bzang tshul khrims, d.u.).  His other important teachers included Chimbu Zungtrul ('mchims phu zung sprul, d.u.), Tubten Rinpoche (thub bstan rin po che, d.u.), Gyelrong Tendzin Drakpa (rgyal rong bstan 'dzin grags pa, d.u.), Minling Orgyen Namdrol Gyatso (smin gling o rgyan rnam grol rgya mtsho, d.u.), Chuzang Pema Ngedon (chu bzang pad+ma nges don, d.u.), Jigme Pelgyi Sengge ('jigs med dpal gyi seng+ge, d.u.), and Tekchok Tendzin (theg mchog bstan 'dzin, d.u.). ...

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