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... Other disciples included the brother (by another mother) of Pema Dudul and Dorje Rinchen, Ngawang Kunga Gyeltsen (ngags dbang kun dga' rgyal mtshan, 1792-1841); the forty-fourth abbot of Ngor Tartse, Jampa Namkhai Chime (byams pa nam mkha' 'chi med, 1765-1820); and his nephew, the forty-seventh abbot of Ngor Tartse, Jampa Kunga Tendzin (byams pa kun dga' bstan 'dzin, 1776-1862) and many others. ...

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... These included:

He taught at a number of monasteries, including Tsedong (rtse gdong), Tubten Serdokchen (thub bstan gser mdog can), and Ngor Ewaṃ Choden (ngor e waM chos ldan) ...

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... There he also received a blessing from Pema Chogyel Tulku Jangchub Chokyi Nyima (pad+ma chos rgyal sprul sku byang chub chos kyi nyi ma, d.u.), who prophesied that he would have a long life.

When the boy was twelve Tartse Khenpo identified him as the reincarnation of Tartse Khenchen Jampa Namkha Chime (thar rtse mkhan chen byams pa nam mkha' 'chi med, 1765-1820), and gave him the name Jamyang Khyentse Wangpo Kunga Tenpai Gyeltsen Pelzangpo ('jam dbyangs mkhyen brtse' dbang po kun dga' bstan pa'i rgyal mtshan dpal bzang po) ...

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