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Sanggye Rinchen had many illustrious teachers including the very young Seventh Karmapa, Chodrak Gyatso (chos grags rgya mtsho, 1454-1506); the Second Ngor Khenchen, Konchok Gyeltsen (dkon mchog rgyal mtshan, 1388-1469); Sherab Zangpo (shes rab bzang po, 1411-1475); Sanggye Pel (sangs rgyas 'phel, 1412-1485); the Fourth Ngor Khenchen, Kunga Wangchuk (kun dga' dbang phyug, 1424-1478);  the Sixth Ngor Khenchen, Gorampa Sonam Sengge (go rams pa bsdo nams seng ge, 1429-1489), and the Seventh Ngor Khenchen, Konchok Pelwa (dkon mchog 'phel ba, 1445-1514), who enthroned him at Ngor in 1501. ...

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... He also received teachings from Muchen Konchok Gyeltsen (mus chen dkon mchog rgyal mtshan, 1388-1469), Khenchen Khacharwa (mkhan chen kha phyar ba) and Gungru Sherab Zangpo (gung ru shes rab bzang po, 1411-1475) ...

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