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Sonam Dorje is a PHD candidate in Dunhuang Tibetan Manuscripts at North-west Nationalities’ University in Lanzhou.

Published May 2016


Mu po. 2004. Gdan rabs 06 kar+ma 'gyur med nges don bstan 'dzin bzang po. In Pal yul rnam rgyal byang chub chos gling, pp. 62-68. Beijing: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang. TBRC W27022.

O rgyan brtson 'grus. 1999. Gdan rabs 01 mkhas sgrub karma 'gyur med nges don bstan 'dzin. In Dar thang dgon pa'i gdan rabs, pp. 118-125. Chengdu: Si khron mi rigs dpe skrun khang. TBRC W20028.

Tsering Lama Jampal Zangpo. 1988. A Garland of Immortal Wish-Fulfilling Trees: The Palyul Tradition of Nyingmapa. Trans. Sangye Khandro. Ithaca: Snow Lion. pp. 87-90.

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