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Marlene Erschbamer is an independent scholar who holds a PhD in Buddhist Studies from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich. Her research interests include the Barawa Kagyu tradition, Sikkim Studies, Tibetan Buddhism and the role of gender, and the intersection of religion, nature, and culture in the Tibetan Cultural Area.

Published January 2024


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Erschbamer, Marlene. 2014. "The monastery bKa' brgyud dgon gsar in the Chumbi valley: the 'Ba' ra ba bKa' brgyud pa school and its connection with Sikkim." Bulletin of Tibetology 50.1+2, 117–132.

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Ngawang Tenpai Gyeltsen. Short Biographical Sketches of Kagyu Tulkus of Kagyu Tshechogling Monastery. Unpublished typescript.

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