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... The Tibetan scholar Samten Gyaltsen Karmay (mkhar rme'u bsam gtan rgyal mtshan b.1936), who is Hortsun's great-nephew (Hortsun was the paternal uncle of Karmay's mother), wrote in a biographical sketch of his great-uncle that from the age of fourteen, "wherever he went he used to attach a pen and an inkpot to his waist." By age sixteen he had learned to paint deities for manuscript illuminations and initiation cards, or tsakali (tsa ka li).3 He presumably had an association with the local Bon monastery, Kyangtsang Puntsok Dargye Ling (skyang tshang phun tshogs dar rgyas gling). ...

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He fled to India via Nepal where as a refugee he worked with Samten Karmay (mkhar rme'u bsam gtan rgyal mtshan, b ...

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