The Treasury of Lives

Ryan M. Jacobson co-founded Tib Shelf (, an open platform that provides access to an expanding collection of translated Tibetan texts spanning various time periods and genres. He holds an MA and MSt in Buddhist studies and Oriental studies and is currently reading for a DPhil at the University of Oxford.

Published April 2019


Bstan 'dzin lung rtogs nyi ma. 2004. A bu lha sgang ngam mkhan chen pad+ma theg mchog blo ldan (mkhan rabs 20). In Snga 'gyur rdzogs chen chos ’byung chen mo, pp. 480-484. Beijing: Krung go'i bod rig pa dpe skrun khan. BDRC W27401.

Thub bstan brtson 'grus. 1985? Rdzogs chen mkhan lha rgyal lam lha dgongs su grags pa'i mkhan chen pad+ma theg mchog blo ldan dpal bzan po'i rnam thar. In Gsung 'bum_thub bstan brtson 'grus. Vol. 1, pp. 67-72. Bylakuppee: Nyingma Monastery. BDRC W10200

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