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... According to this source, Detsuk Gon was one of the three sons of Kyide Nyima Gon (skyid lde nyima mgon), who had fled from central Tibet following the assassination of his father Pal Khortsen (dpal 'khor btsan, 893-923)[2] and traveled to Ngari where, in 947, he took control of this western kingdom ...

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... During the time of Ngadak Pelkhor Tsan (mnga' bdag dpal 'khor btsan), the grandson of Tri Songdetsen (khri srong lde'u btsan) the translator Maben Jangchub Lodro (rma ban byang chub blo gros) was murdered and became a wrathful spirit who attacked the king ...

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... Some sources say one hundred eleven (Dudjom), some (Ming mdzod) say one hundred and thirty years, remaining alive until the reign of Pelkhortsan (dpal 'khor btsan, r ...

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