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... The Drom clan was one of the four main donors of Reting Monastery (rwa sgreng) alongside Zhang Trangka (zhang 'phrang ka), Garpoche ('gar po che) and Minyak (mi nyag), or Tangut.1 His father was Drom Sonam Woser ('brom bsod nams 'od zer) and his mother, Nyenmo Yangkyi (gnyan mo dbyangs skyid), was a daughter of Nyen Jetsun Gonpo (gnyan rje btsun mgon po) who was regarded as belonging to the lineage of the great master Nyen Pelyang (gnyan dpal dbyangs), also known as Ba Trizik (sba khri gzigs) and Ba Trizher (sba khri bzher), one of the "seven men to be tested" (sad mi mi bdun), the first seven monks in Tibet ordained by Śāntarakṣita.2 ...

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