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... It is said that he could recite the whole of the Book of Kadam, including its root text, the Rosary of Jewels (nor bu'i phreng ba) —a central Kadam teaching by Atiśa (982-1055) on the path of the bodhisattva—by the time he was fifteen years old, an unprecedented feat of memory.3 Namkha Rinchen took special care of him and affectionately called him Dromchung, ('brom chung) or "Little Drom." Namkha Rinchen also gave him the transmission of the esoteric precept of the Sixteen Spheres (thig le bcu drug) from the Book of Kadam which was then only transmitted in a single lineage and mostly within the Drom clan.4 Before his death he passed on to him several sacred objects and relics, including a painting of Mañjuśrī and a small painting of Atiśa with his three main disciples, Dromton Gyelwa Jungne ('brom ston rgyal ba'i 'byung gnas, 1004-1064), Khuton Tsondru Yungdrung (khu ston brtson 'grus gyung drung, 1011-1075), and Ngok Lekpe Sherab (rngog legs pa'i shes rab), the hair and relic of Dromton Gyelwa Jungne ('brom ston rgyal ba'i 'byung gnas, 1004-1064), and a ḍamaru drum that had belonged to Atiśa. ...

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