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Sonam Dorje is a PHD candidate in Dunhuang Tibetan Manuscripts at North-west Nationalities’ University in Lanzhou.

Published March 2013


Brag dgon pa dkon mchog bstan pa rab rgyas. 1982. Mdo smad chos 'byung. Lanzhou: Kan su'u mi rigs dbe skrun khang, p. 312. TBRC W28064.

Bsod nams don grub. 2006. Gangs can mi sna grags can gyi 'khrungs 'das lo tshigs re'u mig. Beijing: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, p. 132. TBRC W30439.

Grags pa 'byung gnas and Rgyal ba blo bzang mkhas grub. 1992. Gangs can mkhas grub rim byon ming mdzod. Lanzhou: Kan su'u mi rigs dpe skrun khang, pp. 1636-1637. TBRC W19801.

'Jigs med theg mchog. 1988. Rong bo dgon chen gyi gdan rabs. Xining: Mtsho sngon mi rigs dpe skrun khang, pp. 197-200. TBRC W27315.

Sonam Dorje
March 2013

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