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... He also received some teachings relating to Nordak Yishin Norbu (nor bdag yid bzhin nor bu) from Gyelse Orgyen Tendzin (chags ri nyi grags rgyal sras 01 o rgyan bstan 'dzin, d.u.) ...

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... Second, in his final testament he requested that the famed leader of Mindroling, Terdak Lingpa, be invited to assist in the preparation and performance of the funeral services, and most importantly, to help raise his son, Orgyen Tenzin Drakpa (o rgyan bstan 'dzin grags pa, 1701-1727), also known as Guru Sonam Tendzin (gu ru bsod nam bstan 'dzin). ...

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... There, he likely met with Gyelse Orgyen Tendzin (rgyal sras o rgyan bstan 'dzin, 1701-1727), Nyima Drakpa's biological son ...

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