The Treasury of Lives

Sonam Dorje received an MA in Tibetan Language and Literature from Qinghai Nationalities University in 2012. Based in Amdo, he is currently involved in a Tibetan oral history project as well as film translation.

Published June 2013


Bstan pa bstan 'dzin. 2003. So so'i rnam thar dang 'brel ba'i sgo nas rgyas par bshad pa la gdan rabs dang po drung grags pa rin chen. In Chos sde chen po dpal ldan 'bras spung bkra shis sgo mang grwa tshang gi chos 'byung dung g.yas su 'khyil ba'i sgra dbyangs, vol. 1, pp. 23-24. Mundgod: Dpal ldan 'bras spungs bkra shis sgo mang dpe mdzod khang. TBRC W28810.

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