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... He is said to have threatened the Rinpung ruler Donyo Dorje (rin spungs don yod rdo rje, 1462-1512), then the ruler of Tsang, and the Garpa (sgar pa) official Garpa Chodrak Gyatso (chos grags rgya mtsho, d.u.), brandishing his kīla dagger in front of them and demanding they provide financial support to Sera ...

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... The second was the Rinpung (rin spungs) family based in Shigatse, then led by Donyo Dorje (don yod rdo rje, 1464/65–1512).[8] It has been suggested that this support by the latter, who was a close patron of the Fourth Zhamarpa, Chodrak Yeshe Pel Zangpo (zhwa dmar pa 04 chos grags ye shes dpal bzang po, 1453-1524), was the reason that the Zhamarpa, who would have been the most suitable principal tutor for the Eighth Karmapa, assumed a relatively low-key role in the recognition process and did not meet him.[9]

... This letter is no longer extant but it is cited in Six Kamtsang Gurus and Students written in the eighteenth century by Karma Zhenpen Gyatso (karma gzhan pan rgya mtsho) at the time of the Thirteenth Karmapa, Dudul Dorje (karma pa 13 bdud 'dul rdo rje, 1733–1797) ...

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... The Madman of U was particularly connected with Donyo Dorje (don yod rdo rje, 1462/63-1512), who was effectively the ruler of Tibet at this time ...

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