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Nyak's most accomplished students were known as the “eight glorious adepts of Vajrakīlaya:” Pelgyi Yeshe, Wodren Pelgyi Zhonnu, Nyenchen Pelyang (gnyan chen dpal dbyangs), Taksang Pelgyi Dorje (thags bzang dpal gyi rdo rje), Lamchok Pelgyi Dorje (lam mchog dpal gyi rdo rje), Tarje Pelgyi Trakpa (dar rje dpal gyi grags pa), Tra Pelgyi Nyingpo (dra dpal gyi snying po), and Lhalung Pelgyi Dorje (lhalung dpal gyi rdo rje). ...

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Some sources record that Rinchen Chok was murdered in retaliation for the assassination of Langdarma (glang dar ma), but most have it that he lived out his life in retreat, making his way to Kham where he transmitted the Mahāyoga teachings to Rinchen Zhonnu (rin chen gzhon nu) and Kyere Chokyong (kye re mchog skyong), whose students, Darje Pelgyi Drakpa (dar rje dpal gyi grags pa) and Zhang Gyelwai Yonten (zhang rgyal ba'i yon tan), were teachers of Nubchen Sanggye Yeshe (gnubs chen sangs rgyas ye shes, c.832-c.662) ...

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