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Khenpo Mriti is a Tibetan Buddhist scholar, translator, and PhD Candidate at McGill University. He graduated from Vikramashila Buddhist Institute, Pokhara, Nepal after which he served as a research assistant to Acharya Sempa Dorje 2004 to 2013.

Published January 2024


Dorje, Sempa. 2017, 2023.The Lamp that Illuminates Glorious Suchness: An Extensive Commentary on Śāntaraksita's Tattvasaṃgraha(de kho na nyid bsdus ba'i 'grel pa dpal de kho na nyid gsal bar byed pa'i sgron ma).Three Volumes. Edited by Gandun Thargey. Diwakar Publications, Kalimpong, West Bengal.

Gandun Thargey, 2023. Bdag nyid mkhas dbang chen po slob dpon sems dpa' rdo rje mchog gi rnam thar snying bsdus. KIBI Publications, New Delhi.

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Audio and video recording of Acharya Sempa Dorje's account of his life, interview by Tina Draszczyk, recorded by Thule G. Jug in 2007, and transcribed and translated into English from Tibetan by Mriti (2023) (unpublished material).

Audio and video recording of Acharya Sempa Dorje's account of his life, interview and recording by Dagmar Colombel in 2014. Translated from Tibetan to English by Tsondru Dhargay. A part of this interview was published in the Diamond Way Buddhist Magazine “Buddhismus Heute”.

Dagmar Colombel (2016) "Wenn der Buddhismus im Westen erblühen soll..." Aus: Buddhismus Heute Nr 57. (Herbst 2016). (Language: German). Published by the Diamond Way Organisation.

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