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... He studied the various teachings of both the Nyingma and Sarma schools with the twenty-third abbot of Śrī Siṃha, Tubten Nyendrak (thub bstan snyan grags, 1883-1959); Dzogchen Khenpo Pema Tsewang (rdzogs chen mkhan po pad+ma tshe dbang, d.u.); Khenpo Tubga (mkhan po thub dga', d.u.); the Fourth Mura Tulku, Pema Norbu (mu ra sprul sku 04 pad+ma nor bu, 1918-1951); Tsultrim Lodro (tshul khrims blo gros, d.u.); the twenty-first abbot of Śrī Siṃha, Khenpo Jigme Lodro ('jigs med blo gros, 1879-1955); Sonam Namgyel (bsod nams rnam rgyal, 1881-1954), and Tsewang Rigdzin (mkhan chen tshe dbang rig 'dzin, 1883-1958), among others ...

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... 1888) and Khenchen Loden (mkhan chen blo ldan, 1879-1955); the two Polymath-scholars: Khenchen Pema Tsewang (mkhan chen pad+ma tshe dbang/a paN tshe dbang, 1902-1959) and the second abbot of Khamshe college, Wonto Khenrab (dbon stod mkhyen rab, 1889-c.1960); the two Powerful Tantrikas: Apaṇ Chopel (a paN chos dpal, c ...

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In addition, while at Dzogchen he studied with many of the most senior resident teachers of the time, including Khenchen Tubten Nyendrak (mkhan chen thub bstan snyan grags, 1883-1959), Khenchen Pema Tsewang (mkhan chen padma tshe dbang, 1902-1959), Lingtrul Tubten Trinle Gyatso (gling sprul thub bstan phrin las rgya mtsho, d.u.) and Khenchen Jigme Yonten Gonpo ('jigs med yon tan mgon po, 1899-1959) ...

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