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Dukhor Dratsang Evam Chokhor Ling (dus 'khor grwa tshang e wam chos 'khor gling), popularly known as Dukhor Dratsang, meaning ‘Kālacakra College,’ is one of the four Tantric colleges of Labrang Tashikhyil (bla brang bkra shis 'khyil) Monastery, the others being Gyume Dratsang (rgyud smad grwa tshang), Gyuto Dratsang (rgyud stod grwa tshang), and Kyedor Dratsang (kya'i rdor grwa tshang). Labrang also has two non-tantric monastic colleges—Tsenyi Dratsang (mtshan nyid grwa tshang) and Menpa Dratsang (sman pa grwa tshang).

Dukhor Dratsang was established by the Second Jamyang Zhepa, Konchok Jigme Wangpo (jam dbyangs bzhad pa 02 dkon mchog 'jigs med dbang po, 1728–1791), in 1763. The college is dedicated to the preservation and dissemination of the practice of Kālacakra Tantra (dus kyi 'khor lo'i rgyud, rdo rje rgyud) in Amdo.


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