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Daklha Gampo is a Kagyu monastery that was founded in 1121 by Milarepa's disciple Gampopa Sonam Rinchen, also known as Dakpo Lhaje. An early seat of the Kagyu tradition, administration was first passed through successive generations of Gampopa's family and then through an incarnation line, beginning in the sixteenth century with Gampopa Tashi Namgyel. The site was previously sanctified by Songsten Gampo, as it is considered to be at the head of the mother-ogress, the mythological progenitrix of the Tibetan people. Consequently the location has been an important site of terma revelation. Though sacked by Dzungars in 1718, and again damaged during the cultural revolution, several chapels with original art remain.


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Abbots & Officers


1. First Abbot Gampopa Sonam Rinchen 1122 - 1150
2. Second Abbot Gompo Tsultrim Nyingpo 1150 - 1169
3. Third Abbot Gomchung Sherab Jangchub 1169 - 1171?
4. Fourth Abbot Dakpo Duldzin 1171? - 1218
5. Fifth Abbot Won Sherab Jungne 1218 -
6. Sixth Abbot Damcho Lingpa 1220? -


The Demoness of Tibet

The Demoness of Tibet is a close copy of a well-known image located in the Tibet Museum in Lhasa. The landscape of Tibet is shown as the mythical demoness of Tibetan legend. Important Buddhist temples and monasteries are located across her body, spanning from the Ngari region in the west to Kham in the east. 


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