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Samten Chhosphel is an independent scholar with PhD from the Central University of Tibetan Studies (CUTS) at Sarnath, Varanasi, India. He has a Master’s degree in Writing and Publishing from Emerson College, Boston, MA. After serving as the In-charge of Publication Department of CUTS for  26 years, he immigrated to the United States in 2009 and is currently an adjunct Assistant Professor at the City University of New York, and Language Associate in Columbia University.

Published January 2011


Bstan pa bstan 'dzin. 2003.Chos sde chen pod pel ldan 'bras spungs bkra shis sgo mang grwa tshang gi chos 'byung chos dung g.yas su 'khyil ba'i sgra dbyangs.Dpal ldan 'bras spungs bkra shis sgo mang dpe mdzod khang, pp. 343-344.

Skal bzang thogs med. 2005.Rje 'jam mgon rgyal ba gnyis pa'i lung rtogs kyi bstan pa rin po che'i srog shing dam pa dga' ldan khri thog nga lnga pa khri chen nam mkha' dpal bzang po'i 'khrungs rabs rim byon gyi rnam thar nyung ngur bkod pa rnyog ma bgrung bar byed pa'i snying nor. Lhasa: Mi rigs dpe skrun khang, pp. 202-206.

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