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... He was a member of the Khon family, a descendent of Khon Lui Wangpo ('khon klu'i dbang po), who was one of the “seven men who were tested” (sad mi mi bdun), the first seven men to ordain under Śāntarakṣita in the eighth century ...

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... Nyima Drakpa offered Sanggye Tenpa many gifts, including various treasure objects, yellow scrolls, an image of Vimalamitra, the Great Hūṃ-Dagger (phur pa hUM chen), the Medicine Sūtra (sman mdo), and an original manuscript and ink-pen (phyag smyug) once owned by the eighth-century translator Khon Lu'i Wangpo ('khon klu'i dbang po) which Nyima Drakpa had discovered as treasure. ...

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