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... His four "mentors who spread the teachings" were Peljor Gyatso (dpal 'byor rgya mtsho), Lobpon Sanggye (slob dpon sangs rgyas), Lobpon Lodro Zangpo (slob dpon blo gros bzang po), and Jadrel Choje Tashi Jungne of Takgo (stag mgo bya bral chos rje bkra shis 'byung gnas) ...

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... Zingpa Taggo was a Nyingma hermitage founded by Tashi Jungne (bkra shis 'byung gnas, 14th cent.), who was one of the main disciples of Longchenpa and was particularly important in the lineage of the Lama Yangtik (bla ma yang thig) ...

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