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Among the authors that he translated are some of the famous Indian teachers of the time such as Atīśa Dīpaṃkaraśrījñāna, Ratnākaraśānti, Kṛṣṇa, Bodhibhadra, and Jitāri. ...

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... He is said to have gained mastery of Sanskrit and to have translated two texts into Tibetan while in India, possibly the two texts in the Tengyur for which he is credited: Establishing the Object and Subjects (chos dang chos can gtan la phab pa) and Understanding Through Reasoning for the Child-like (byis pa 'jug pa'i rtog ge)  (slob dpon chen po dgra las rgyal ba), both written by Jitāri and which he translated with the help of the Indian scholar Nāgarkśita. ...

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... And according to the lineage lists in Atiśa’s early biography rNam thar rgyas pa Yong grags and Lam Yig, Ratnākaraśānti appears to have transmitted to Atiśa various teachings that he himself received from Nāropā, Mañjuśrībhadra, Bodhibhadra, Jitāri ...

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