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He was additionally responsible for translating several systematic presentations of the "four schools" of Buddhist philosophy, such as Sugatamatavibhaṅgakārikā by Jitāri, Jñānasārasamuccaya-nāma attributed to Āryadeva, and the commentary to that text, Jñānasārasamuccaya-nāma-nibandhana attributed to Bodhibhadra ...

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... A lama named Sempa Chenpo Chopak (sems pa chen po chos 'phags, d.u.) gave him novice monk vows and said, “Because you have miracle powers, your name will be Mongal Bu.” “No! I am called Āryadeva!” the child replied, and the lama agreed him with the Tibetan version of the name, Pakpa Lha ('phags pa lha) and it continued as the title of the lineage since then to the present. ...

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