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Depa Trinle Gyatso (sde pa 'phrin las rgya mtsho), also known as Jaisang Depa (ja'i sang sde pa), was born in the village estate of Drongme in Nyangden (nyang bran), to the north of Lhasa (lha sa).[1] He was born into the prominent and influential family of Drongme[2] that claimed descent from the Kagyu teacher Tsurton Wangnge (mtshur ston dbang nge).[3]

... P3074 ...

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... However, another text in the canon that was worked on by Vajrapāṇi credits a Tibetan named Lotsāwa Tsurton Wangne (lo tsA ba mtshur ston dbang nge), also known as Wanggi Dorje (dbang gi rdo rje),13 who himself was one of the four main disciples of Marpa Lotsawa Chokyi Lodro (mar pa lo tsA ba chos kyi blo gros, c.1012-1097) ...

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... It was during this time that he met two of his chief disciples Ngokton Choku Dorje (rngog ston chos sku rdo rje, 1036-1097) and Tsurton Wangi Dorje (mtshur ston dbang gi rdo rje, d.u.) ...

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