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The tenure of the Eighth Dalai Lama, Jampel Gyatso, was a tumultuous era in the Himalayan region, filled with battles and intrigues. This period saw the emergence of the first contacts between Tibet and the British, and the Manchurian representatives of the Qing Empire also managed to enhance its position in Tibet when it was called upon to eject the invading Gurkhas. The Eighth Dalai Lama was an active leader in the midst of all of this, despite being disinclined to rule.

Buddhaguhya was an eighth-century Indian tantric master who is believed to have resided at Mount Kailash and composed numerous commentaries, treatises, and liturgies of broad scope, ranging from the Kriyā tantras to the Guhyagarbha Tantra of the Mahāyoga class.

Rigdzin Pelchen Dupa, the reincarnation of Pema Norbu, served as the Ninth throne holder of Pelyul Monastery, from 1908 to his death in 1932. He founded Tosam Norbu Lhunpo College in 1922 and invited Khenpo Ngakchung to serve as its first abbot, taking over the position soon after.