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In 1639, at the age of thirteen he was placed in the retinue of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel (zhabs drung ngag dbang rnam rgyal, 1571/1594-1626/1651) and Khedrub Lhawang Lodro (mkhas grub lha dbang blo gros, d.u.) at Chakri monastery (lcags ri dgon) in Thimphu (thim phu) ...

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... Ngawang Gyatso spent the next several years studying at Namgyel Lhunpo (rnam rgyal lhun po) in Gongkar (gong dkar), training also at Taklung Monastery (stag lung) with Won Rinpoche Ngawang Namgyel (dbon rin po che ngag dbang rnam rgyal, 1571-1626) in the Naro Chodruk (na ro chos drug) and the teachings of the Kadam tradition. ...

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... He also served as a teacher to the seventeenth Taklung throne holder, Ngawang Namgyel (stag lung khri 17 ngag dbang rnam rgyal, 1571-1626), who was the author of an important history of Taklung Kagyu, the Chojung Ngotsar Gyatso (chos 'byung ngo mtshar rgya mtsho). ...

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